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Top Cleaning Tips For The New Year

Now the decorations have come down, the tree has been recycled and the bottle bank is full…’s time to start as you mean to go on and get your New Year cleaning schedule underway. But where do you begin? You should begin by creating a cleaning schedule routine that fits in with yours, then you will be rewarded with a great home and time to spare.

Here we list a few tips for you to achieve the best possible results in they least time and get your home and working environment sparkling again!

  • Pick-up things each night – resolve to pick things up before you head upstairs to bed. Not only will this mean that you wake up to a tidy home but it also saves you and others tripping up and will hopefully put you in a good mood for the day ahead!

  • Keep ahead – make sure you stack the dishwasher or wash up by hand as soon as dinner is over. There is nothing worse than being greeted by a dirt sink in the morning before work!

  • Prevention is better than cure – get into good habits like spraying the shower screen after each use to avoid soap scum building up during the week and so leaving your weekends free from scrubbing.

  • Leaving doors and windows open – where possible try and ventilate rooms, particularly those that can get moist and damp like bathrooms and kitchens, plus leave shower curtains open after use and shower doors ajar to allow the fresh air in. No one likes to be surrounded by mildew!

  • Vacuum carpets weekly – make this a weekly routine or more frequent if possible to stop dirt and dust building up. Each section of carpet needs at least 20 seconds spent on it.

  • Don’t move dust around – capture dust and remove it and avoid using tools like the old feather duster.

  • Sanatise, sanitise, sanitise the toilet – this s probably the most important routine that you have – it is a daily or multi daily task – but also one that everyone must take responsibility for too.

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