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Top Ten: More Germs than the Toilet

  1. Each button on an ATM keypad has approximately 1,200 CFUs on it.

  2. Restaurant menus have about 100 times the amount of bacteria that is found on a toilet seat.

  3. School water fountains harbor around 2.7 million germs.

  4. The average shopping cart is covered in 138,000 CFUs.

  5. Gas pump handles are heavily contaminated with counts as high as 2,011,970 CFUs.

  6. Rideshare vehicle testing found readings of 1,000,153 CFUs on the seat belts.

  7. Airplane tray tables have approximately 2,155 CFUs per square inch and tend to be the most contaminated item on board.

  8. In the office, coffee pot handles hold onto 108,592 CFUs.

  9. The average phone at an employee’s desk could be home to 25,000 CFUs.

  10. Each elevator buttons contain around 313 CFU.

CFU - colony-forming units

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