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Steps to Prepare Your Properties for Spring

Updated: May 1, 2023

1. Check for damage from freezing

This is one of the biggest issues we see, and it affects everything from your parking lot to your foundation. Gutters and drainage pipes, as well as concrete and asphalt surfaces with cracks and expansion joints all can be damaged from freezing temperatures and expanding ice. Pay extra attention to concrete sidewalks and steps to ensure your exterior is safe for your guests.

2. Get your landscaping in order

The exterior foliage on your property bears the brunt of the winter weather. Ice and snow can snap plants and tree limbs, especially any of those small shrubs or ornamental trees around your building. While landscaping improvements can increase curb appeal, they’re also important to the health of your building. Be sure to clear any accumulated leaves and lawn debris from the roof and gutters as well as around the base of other landscaping.

3. Prepare your interiors for warmer weather

All that salt and de-icing material probably took their toll on your lobby floors: Salt de-icers leave a white residue that can dull or even permanently mar your hard-surface flooring; they can draw moisture from hardwood floors, increasing the risk of dry rot and splintering; and they can permanently damage interior carpets without prompt attention.

4. Spruce up your building’s spring look

The best part of all this spring cleaning? It also helps your facility look its best and gives your tenants a sense of pride as they enter. Now’s the perfect time to schedule a full window washing and exterior pressure washing to scrub away the buildup from winter and give everything a nice shine.

Please call us for a free estimate to update and keep your building at it's best.

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