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5 Facility Strategies to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

While it is too early to fully measure the global impact of the coronavirus, it is safe to assume that how facilities conduct day-to-day business will change. There will be a new norm. People will view the person coughing next to them in the elevator differently. The sniffling and sneezing cubicle neighbor — is it allergies or the flu? While facility departments cannot prevent sick people from coming into their buildings, they can implement measures that mitigate risk and bring peace of mind so that workers and patrons can breathe more easily.

These measures make sense even if the COVID-19 pandemic was a once a century event. It will help with other diseases such as the Flu.

1. Cleaning practices

Knowing that pathogens can remain viable on surfaces for days, The first line of defense is comprehensive cleaning  practices employed at the facility. Note that cleaners merely remove dirt and grime, but do not necessarily kill bacteria or viruses; EPA provides a list of registered disinfecting products, contact time, and targeted pathogen. Choice Services will be able to help you with this.

2. Education and awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has really increased awareness of handwashing, covering coughs, and isolating oneself when symptoms are present. Signage should be displayed, with occasional email reminders, to keep this awareness at the forefront of everyone’s mind — especially during the flu season. Facilities can take extra steps by expanding the location of sanitation stations, providing appropriate masks, and ensuring occupants have access to approved disinfectant wipes. 

3. Fresh indoor air

Delivering healthy indoor air quality is to properly balance the building so that it maintains positive pressure versus outside. This will mitigate moisture and air infiltration and prevent related contaminants from entering via uncontrolled pathways.


4. Humidity

Keeping relative humidity levels can play a key role in pulling dust, pollen, and mold spores out of occupied space.Lower humidity levels allow harmful molecules to stay airborne and to easily transfer from space to space. 


5. Social Distancing

Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people. Do not let people gather in groups. Provide detail signage guiding the people through the building to eliminate crossing paths.

Please contact us for a free estimate to help keep your property disinfected.

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