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Does your janitorial company conduct regular inspections? You have noticed that there are a couple of issues that consistently arise, and aren’t ever addressed.  If your janitorial company isn’t conducting regular inspections, it’s unlikely that they’ll get to the bottom of the issue themselves, so you will be forced to point it out to them...Again. If your janitorial company isn’t conducting regular inspections, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to stop issues before they become so bigger issues.

Why Should Your Janitorial Company Conduct Regular Inspections?

The best way to catch errors before they blossom into full-blown problems is to conduct routine, regular inspections. Say, for instance, they have an employee who is routinely failing to perform a particular service— we’ll say dusting for this example. If the company’s inspecting their work routinely, they can catch it and re-train the employee on the proper procedure. If they’re not, you’ll eventually notice, and log a complaint or register your displeasure with a negative online review.

Your janitorial company should look at it from your perspective. If they were in your position they would certainly appreciate diligence and consistency from their cleaning service, and the best way to ensure that consistency is through regular inspections.

How Should Your Janitorial Company Conduct Regular Inspections?

It’s important that your janitorial company create consistent standards for their inspections, so you can be sure that they are carried out the same way across the board. These standards could include the following:

How often do they inspect? The frequency of the inspections should be predetermined in order to help them gather data to measure the quality of the cleaning that their employees are doing.

What, exactly, should be inspected? Be sure that they know what services you’ve paid for before they start the inspection. If, for example, their janitorial company considers window washing to be an additional service, you don’t want to them to inspect the windows unless the client has requested that add-on.

Do they have a checklist? Having a checklist is very important so they understand when certain jobs need to get done and it is a reminder. For example, dusting is not done usually everyday so it get forgotten about.

How do they convey the importance of inspections to their staff? The last thing they want is for their staff to view the audits as a punishment. Instead, they should present them as an opportunity to improve training, and offer the clients the best possible service. The company shouldn’t share only negative findings, but also give kudos where they’re due.

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