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Flush your toilets!

Strategies for Preventing Legionnaires' Disease

Preventing Legionnaires’ disease remains a top priority in effective plumbing and restroom maintenance.

A water management program to address the formation of Legionella is necessary during this time of Coronavirus if your property has been closed for a significant amount of time.

The CDC has protocols for collecting Legionella culture samples when cases of disease might be associated with a facility. The CDC directs that sampling should only be performed after a thorough environmental assessment and a sampling plan is established, and it provides a thorough list of materials needed to perform testing, noting optional materials that might provide additional assistance.

The CDC also has a recommended sampling strategy Its a series of Legionellosis outbreak investigation and how-to videos. A summary of CDC sampling procedures and strategies includes:

• sampling potable water at points of use

• sampling potable water at water heaters

• sampling whirlpool spas

• potential sampling sites for various uses and points of use

• sampling cooling towers

• other possible sources, including decorative fountains, sprinkler systems, safety showers, eyewash station, humidifiers and systems with sumps.

One method of Legionella testing is the culture method, which takes about 10 days to complete. When a manager calls in a Legionella testing laboratory to sample water, the laboratory can use two primary methods: swab and bottle.

Bottle bulk water sampling is the most common method. This process consists of collecting water from potable water fixtures or mechanical equipment containing warm water. Bulk water sampling permits the quantitation of the numbers of Legionella per a specific volume of water.

Routine testing might confirm the presence of the Legionella bacteria but might not predict the transmission risks. Just because the bacteria is present does not indicate infection. It is not unusual to get a range of results from various tests and labs when samples are drawn from the same location

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